SASSA War Veterans Grant For 2024 – Eligibility, Application, and Benefits

Special grants are now available for veterans who served in the struggle to free South Africa and establish democracy. The Special Pension is for people who sacrificed fighting for democracy in South Africa. If you served as a soldier during World War II (1939-1945) or the Korean War (1950-1953) and now find it hard to care for yourself, you can request a war veteran’s grant.

War Veterans Grant

If you qualify, reach out to your political party. The grant amount will be determined based on how long you served. If a fighter passes away, their loved ones may receive a regular pension or a one-time payment. This guide explains who can apply, how, and what you need to know about the SASSA war veterans grant.

What is a War Veterans Grant?

South African citizens who served as soldiers during the Second World War (1939 – 1945) or the Korean War (1950 – 1953) can receive the SASSA veterans grant. To get this grant, you must be either 60 years old or have a disability, and you shouldn’t already get another social grant. 

Whether you can get this grant or not depends on a means test. This test examines how much money you make, what you own, and other financial things.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the SASSA War Veterans Grant?

Before you apply for this grant, make sure you meet these conditions:

  • You must be a South African citizen or have permanent residency.
  • You must live in South Africa.
  • You should be 60 years old or have a disability.
  • You shouldn’t already receive any other social grant for yourself.
  • You should have served in the Korean War or Second World War.
  • You shouldn’t be living in a state care institution.
  • You and your spouse must pass the means test requirements.
  • If you’re single, your yearly income must not exceed R96,840 (or R8,070 monthly). If you’re married, your combined yearly income must not exceed R193,680 (or R16,140 monthly).
  • If you’re single, the total value of your possessions must be less than R1,372,800. If you’re married, the total value of your combined possessions must be below R2,745,600.

How Does the Means Test Work for this SASSA Grant?

The SASSA means test is a way to check applicants’ financial situation, including their income, assets, and other financial factors. It is done to ensure that only those needing the grant receive it. Starting from April 1, 2023, there are two main limits:

1. Assets Limit

  • A single person should not own more than R1,372,800 worth of assets.
  • For a married person and their spouse, the total value of all their assets should not be more than R2,745,600.

2. Income Limit

  • A single person’s yearly earnings should not go over R96,840.
  • A married person and their spouse’s yearly income must not exceed R193,680.

Different grants have criteria for the means test to decide if someone qualifies financially.

  • Starting from April 1, 2024, the SASSA is expected to increase to R2,120 per month for each person.
  • South African citizens who served as soldiers in the Second World War (1939 – 1945) or the Korean War (1950 – 1953) are eligible for this grant.
  • To qualify for the SASSA Old Age Grant, also known as the Old Age Pension, the applicant must be 60 years old or disabled and not receive any other social grant. The grant’s eligibility is determined by a means test, which evaluates the applicant’s income, assets, and other financial factors.

How much does the SASSA War Veterans Grant?

According to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), as of October 1, 2023,  it amounts to R2,110 per month per person. The grant is anticipated to increase by R10 per person per month starting from April 1, 2024.

What’s the Procedure to Apply for the War Veterans Grant?

  1. Go to your nearest SASSA office branch.
  2. Obtain the application form from the office.
  3. Complete the application form in the presence of a SASSA officer.
  4. If you cannot visit the office yourself, have a trusted family member or friend bring a letter from you along with a doctor’s note explaining your condition.
  5. If needed, the SASSA officer will assist you in filling out the form.
  6. The SASSA officer will interview with you or your appointed person to determine eligibility.
  7. After completing the application and interview, you will receive a dated stamp receipt with the name of the SASSA officer who assisted you.
  8. Keep this receipt as proof of your application, even if you are not eligible for the grant.

Required Documents to Apply for War Veterans Grant

When applying for this Grant, you must gather several documents to support your application. These documents should be original or certified copies. Here’s a list of the documents you’ll likely need:

Proof of War Service

This could be a certificate of service or any official documentation that verifies your war service.

Identity Document

Your original 13-digit bar-coded ID is required. If you don’t have an ID, you must fill out a SASSA standard affidavit form, which should be completed before an independent Oaths Commissioner. Additionally, you should’ve the Department of Home Affairs documentation confirming that you have initiated an application for an ID and birth certificate.

Proof of Disability

If applicable, provide a medical assessment report or any documentation that confirms your disability.

Proof of Address

A document that shows your current address, such as a utility bill or a lease agreement.

Proof of Marital Status

Provide the relevant document based on your marital status:

  • Marriage Certificate if you are married.
  • Divorce Decree if the marriage has been dissolved.
  • Death Certificate if your spouse is deceased.
  • Affidavit or Sworn Statement If you are single.

Proof of Income and Assets

Provide proof of all your income and assets, including your spouse’s if you’re married. It may include:

  • Payslips for the last 3 months if you are employed.
  • UIF card if you are receiving UIF benefits.
  • For former employees, a copy of the leaving certificate from your prior employer or a membership proof of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).
  • Pension receipt if you are receiving a pension.

Proof of Investments

If applicable, provide documentation that shows your investments, including information on how much interest and dividends you receive.

Documentation of Assets

Provide information about your assets, including the valuation of any property you own. Ensure you have all these documents ready when you visit the SASSA office to apply for the War Veterans Grant.

What is the Processing Time for the Application of the SASSA War Veterans Grant?

The processing time for this grant application is typically up to 3 months. Payments commence following approval of your application. Once processed and approved, you will receive all payments from the date of application submission. If your application is not accepted, SASSA will provide a letter explaining the decision and outlining the appeal process.

SASSA War Veterans Grant Status Check

After submitting your application, you can monitor its progress through SASSA’s status check to determine whether it’s approved, declined, or in another status. Once approved, regularly check the status of your upcoming grant payments and their dates for updates. SASSA offers several methods for checking the status of your grant application:

  1. Visit the and follow the instructions provided.
  2. Use the Moya APP for data-free status checks.
  3. Send an SMS to SASSA’s number at 082-046-8553.
  4. Check your status through SASSA’s WhatsApp at 082-046-8553.
  5. Contact SASSA on their toll-free number at 0800-601011.

What to do if Your SASSA War Veterans Grant Application is not Approved?

If your SASSA War Veterans Grant application is not approved and you believe the decision is incorrect, you can request SASSA to review your application. If the reconsideration request is denied and you still disagree, you can appeal to the Ministry of Social Development at the National Department of Social Development. The appeal must be initiated within 90 days of receiving the notification.

The Ministry of Social Development will review your appeal and make a decision. If they agree, they will overturn SASSA’s decision, and you will start receiving your grant payments. If your appeal is denied, you will receive a written explanation of the decision.

Understanding the SASSA War Veterans Grant Payment Process

Once your War Veterans Grant is approved, you will begin receiving payments from the date of your application. SASSA releases the payment schedule monthly without fixed dates. SASSA offers three methods for grant payments, from which you must choose one:

1. Direct Deposit

Payments are deposited into your or Postbank accounts. Note that banks may charge a service fee for this.

2. Cash Withdrawal

You can withdraw your grant payment in cash at SASSA-partnered retail outlets, including Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, Checkers, Usave, and Spar.

3. Institutional Payments

Some specific institutions, such as nursing homes, disability centers, and non-profit organizations, may facilitate grant payments. You must complete the Consent Form for SASSA to receive your grant through a bank account.

  1. Grant Bank Payment and submit the following documents:
  2. Proof of identity, such as an ID document, birth certificate, or driver’s license.
  3. Bank account number in your name.
  4. A 3-month bank statement displaying your name and account number.

You can update your banking details or payment method anytime by visiting the welfare office and completing the necessary form. However, payments will be processed using the new method from the following month after verification is completed. If you can’t collect your grants in person due to age, you can nominate someone to collect payments on your behalf.

SASSA War Veterans Grant Balance Check

To check the balance of your SASSA Grant, you can use the following methods:

  1. Dial *120*3210# or *120*69277# from your cellphone and follow the on-screen instructions to check your balance.
  2. Visit any ATM and follow the instructions to check your balance. Note that normal bank charges may apply.
  3. Send a message to the SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 and request your balance. Follow the instructions provided.
  4. Dial the SASSA call center toll-free number 0800 601 011 and follow the prompts to check your balance.

Regularly checking your balance can help you manage your finances and make informed decisions about your grant funds.

SASSA War Veterans Grant Reviews

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) reserves the right to review your Grant based on the income you declared during the application process. These reviews ensure that you still meet the means test criteria for the grant and that your circumstances have not improved. They also verify if you are still alive. To facilitate the review process, it’s important to keep your application up to date whenever your circumstances change.

SASSA will send you a written notice at least three months before the review or the deadline to submit your life certificate (proof of being alive). This notice will include details about the date and location of the review.

If you receive your grant through a bank, institution, or agent, you must submit the life certificate annually to the SASSA office. If you are bedridden, SASSA officials will visit your home to conduct the review. After the review, you will receive a compliance receipt.

Grant Suspension Reasons

Suspension of your grant may occur under the following circumstances:

  • Change in your circumstances.
  • Provision of false information or engagement in fraud.
  • Failure to cooperate during the grant review process.
  • Review outcome.
  • Approval of your grant in error.

Restoration of the Grant

If you believe your grant was suspended incorrectly or disagree with SASSA’s decision. In that case, you can appeal to the Ministry of Social Development at the National Department of Social Development within 90 days of the suspension.

Reasons for Lapsing of War Veterans

  • The grant will lapse upon the recipient’s death.
  • Failure to prove being alive when requested during annual reviews.
  • Non-collection of grant payments for three consecutive months; after 90 days, a new application is required.
  • Admission to a fully government-funded institution such as a hospital or jail.
  • Absence from the country for more than 90 days without notice.
  • Improvement in income and assets that disqualifies the recipient based on the means test.
  • Placement in a state-contracted care institution, decreasing to 25% of the maximum grant amount from the fourth month of admission; the grant amount will revert to the maximum upon discharge.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Beneficiaries?

As an SASSA grant recipient, you are responsible for:

  1. Ensuring the accuracy of your information and promptly updating SASSA about any changes in your personal or financial circumstances.
  2. Updating SASSA promptly about any changes in your physical address or contact details.
  3. Providing correct information, as SASSA does not tolerate fraudulent activity.

Keeping SASSA informed of these changes is crucial to avoid interruptions or suspensions in your grants. SASSA communicates important notices and updates to the address you provided in your application. Failure to update your address or contact information may result in the suspension of your grants, as SASSA will be unable to reach you.


In short, the SASSA War Veterans Grant is a financial assistance program for South African citizens who served in the Second World War or the Korean War. Applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria, including age, disability, income, and assets. The grant amount is reviewed periodically and is subject to change. 

The application process involves completing a form, providing necessary documents, and undergoing an interview. Once approved, payments are made monthly. Recipients are responsible for updating SASSA about any changes in their circumstances to avoid interruptions in their grants.

Contact SASSA for More Queries

If you’re still confused and have more queries related to your status, then do contact SASSA through verified channels:

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the war veterans grant is specifically for individuals who served in the Second World War or the Korean War.

You cannot receive any other social grant for personal use if you receive this grant.

The grant is paid monthly, starting from the date of application approval.

If your application is rejected, SASSA will provide a letter explaining the decision and outlining the appeal process.

Yes, you can appeal the suspension to the Ministry of Social Development within 90 days of the suspension.