Why is My SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment?

If SASSA has approved you but hasn’t received your payment date yet, there could be a few reasons for the delay. It might be because there are issues with your bank records, your account failed verification, or your account is still pending verification from the National Treasury. Also, if you receive cash-send payments, the payment could take some time to process.

Why is My SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment

Several factors could be at play if you’ve been approved for the SASSA SRD R350 grant but haven’t received payment. It’s crucial to ensure your verification process is successful and that there aren’t too many pending applications on the SASSA site, as they are meticulous about eligibility and approval.

SASSA advises people to double-check their bank details to ensure they’re correct. Incorrect details could prevent you from receiving your R350 grant payment. So, it’s important to ensure everything is accurate to avoid delays. Let’s discuss why the SASSA R350 was approved but not paid.

What Should I Do If SRD Is Approved But No Paid?

If your SRD application has been approved but you haven’t received a payment date, one of the main reasons could be that SASSA does not have your correct or updated banking details. To address this,

  • Visit the SRD Grant website and ensure your banking information is accurately entered.
  • It’s advisable to check the SASSA official website to verify that the details they have for you are correct.
  • You can also conduct a SASSA status check on the website to monitor social grants and payment dates.

Taking these steps will help ensure that you receive your SRD payment promptly.

Why is My SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment?

The R350 SRD grant by SASSA is provided to unemployed individuals not part of any other SASSA programs. Applicants must be South African citizens to apply. If you applied online through the SASSA website, you should receive a confirmation message with the date of your first monthly payment under the 6-month plan. 

If you haven’t received this message or the R350 payment hasn’t been transferred to your account, there may be several reasons for the delay.

Reason 1: Overload Due to a High Number of Applicants

If your bank balance is less than R624 and all the details are accurate, then the delay in payment is not due to any fault on your part. The organization offers many other grants tailored for different segments of society, including children, older people, and the disabled.

Processing and verifying applications is time-consuming, especially considering the high volume of applications. 

For the SRD program alone, there are over 7 million applicants. Each application needs to be meticulously verified before the grant amount is disbursed. Any disruption in the verification process can result in delays or, in some cases, even cancellations.

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Reason 2: Exceeding the Minimum Threshold in Your Bank Account

The R350 relief fund is intended for individuals without a source of income to meet basic needs like food and electricity. Applicants must provide their bank details for verification, including checking the bank balance.

The criteria include a minimum threshold of R624. If your bank balance exceeds this amount and SASSA discovers this during verification, your application may be canceled. It could be why you haven’t received the funds despite your approved application.

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Reason 3: Inaccurate Information

Providing correct information on your application form is crucial to accurately processing your R350 fund application with SASSA. The information you provide, such as your ID number, income, bank balance, account number, mobile number, address, and living conditions, is verified through government databases. If any details are incorrect, it can delay the processing of your application.

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After the approval of the R350 application, there is typically a gap before the grant payment is made. This period is used to verify the details provided by the applicant. If you are experiencing a situation where your SASSA R350 application is approved but you have not received payment, several reasons could be responsible. 

These include the possibility of your application being canceled due to having an excess amount in your bank account (more than R624). Additionally, an incorrect bank account number provided or your application is in the midst of the verification process could lead to delays or cancellation.


The SASSA SRD R350 grant aims to relieve unemployed individuals in South Africa. While your application may have been approved, payment delays can occur for various reasons, such as inaccurate information, exceeding the minimum bank balance threshold, or a high volume of applications causing processing delays.

Applicants must provide accurate information, which undergoes verification to confirm eligibility for the R350 grant. Even if you meet all the criteria and provide accurate information, it may take around a week or 10 days for your application to be approved. If you’re facing the issue of being approved but not receiving payment, it’s essential to determine the underlying reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your application may have been approved, but please be aware that there could be delays in payment due to factors like inaccurate information or a high volume of applications causing processing delays. Accurate details and meeting bank balance requirements can expedite payment.

Typically, receiving the first payment may take around a week or 10 days after approval, but this timeline can vary based on verification processes and other factors.

Check the status of your application online through https://srd.sassa.gov.za/ or contact SASSA directly for assistance. Ensure your bank details are correct and you meet all the eligibility criteria.

You can update your bank details by contacting SASSA directly or visiting an office. It’s important to provide accurate and up-to-date information to avoid payment delays.

Yes, applicants should have a bank balance below a certain threshold (R624) to qualify for the grant. If your bank balance exceeds this amount, your application may be canceled.

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