SASSA Status Check 2024

SASSA is a government agency responsible for administering social grants to eligible South African citizens. If you want to check the eligibility criteria. In that case, grants are monetary assistance provided by the government to support individuals who are in need, particularly those who are unable to support themselves financially.

SASSA Status Check 2024

SASSA Status Check for R350 – SRD Status Check Online 2024

The article provides the steps for SASSA Status Check online, explains the meaning of different status results, and offers insights into payment dates for 2024. Additionally, it covers alternative methods such as checking status via WhatsApp, phone, and the Moya app.

Some of the key social grants administered by SASSA include:

  • Disability Grant: Provided to individuals with disabilities who meet specific criteria.
  • Child Support Grant: Aimed at assisting caregivers with the financial support needed to raise children.
  • Old Age Grant: Provided to senior citizens who meet certain age and income criteria.
  • Foster Child Grant: Offered to foster parents who care for children in need.
  • Care Dependency Grant: Provided to those who care for individuals with severe disabilities.

What Is SASSA Status Check?

SASSA Status Check is a helpful tool for people who have applied for the SASSA SRD grant of R350. It allows applicants and beneficiaries to easily check the status of their grant application and payment online. 

If you’ve applied for the SRD R350 grant and are waiting to know whether it’s approved and when you’ll receive payment, you can use the SASSA SRD status check tool above. It provides a convenient way to track the progress of your grant application.

This service helps people in South Africa who applied for a grant or already got social grants from SASSA. If your application is approved, you can use the SASSA status checker tool to see when you’ll get your first payment. It’s for South African citizens who applied for a grant or already got support from SASSA.

How To Check SASSA Status through the Website

To check your grant activation and review your social grant status online, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the SASSA Status Check button.
  2. It will take you to the official SASSA website at
  3. Input your South African National ID and the mobile number utilized during registration.
  4. Obtain instant information on your R350 status, including your Reference ID.

Additionally, the national agency service will send an SMS notification to the registered applicant’s phone number, indicating the payday for the approved month.

Expecting Results for SASSA SRD R350 Application

Here are the meanings of each status of SASSA.

Expecting Results for SASSA SRD R350 Application

Approval Notification

Your SASSA online application has been approved, and you are now eligible to receive monthly benefits. The status report will provide comprehensive details, including the payout amount, along with a Reference ID and App ID.


Regrettably, your application did not fulfill the necessary qualification criteria or was declined based on eligibility requirements.

Pending Review

Your social relief grant is currently pending review by national authorities and will be processed shortly. This status may also indicate that you have not selected a means to access your funds, and we recommend updating your SASSA payment method.

Canceled / Declined

Your grant has been declined for various reasons, including exceeding the minimum income threshold, the discovery of an alternative income source in the means test, having more than R624 in your bank account or SASSA Gold card, or discrepancies in your identity information as per NSFAS and UIF database records.

Bank Details Pending

You have not linked your bank account with SASSA, and it is advised to update your SASSA bank details for seamless processing.

SASSA SRD Payment Status Check 2024

Monitoring the payment status is crucial for SASSA applicants, ensuring the timely collection of grant funds on the designated payday each month. To facilitate this, refer to the table below for a comprehensive overview of SASSA Payment Dates for 2024. Use this resource to track your monthly grant paydays and ensure prompt receipt of your funds.

SASSA SRD Payment Dates for 2023-24
MonthOlder Persons GrantsDisability GrantsChildren’s Grants

To facilitate an efficient distribution process, the monthly grants are systematically categorized into distinct segments, such as Older Persons, Disability, and Children’s Grants. This approach aims to ensure a seamless and harmonious allocation of funds to the designated beneficiaries, minimizing potential conflicts in the disbursement process.

1. SASSA SRD R350 Status Check Online

To verify your SASSA Status Check online, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your South African ID in the designated “ID Number” field.
  2. Provide your cellphone number in the specified “Phone Number” field, which should match the number used during your grant application.
  3. Click the “Check Now” button to submit your request to the SASSA Check database.
SASSA Status Check 2024 through

Upon completion, the SASSA Status Check system will reveal the approved month for your grant along with your unique App ID. This online status will also furnish details regarding your grant collection dates for the current month, ensuring you are informed about the eligibility status of your R350 and social relief grant application.

2. SRD Status Check for R350 via WhatsApp

The official SASSA WhatsApp number provides a convenient avenue for R350 applicants to inquire about the status of their Social Relief of Distress (SRD) applications. Engage with the SASSA Team online through the provided WhatsApp number, 082 046 8553, to check your application status, address any concerns, and receive guidance on eligibility criteria, application procedures, verifications, and related inquiries.

SRD Status Check for R350 via WhatsApp

To check your SASSA status on WhatsApp, send a message containing ‘SASSA’ to the official team. Subsequently, you will receive a prompt with options for a status review. Choose your grant and respond with ‘SASSA Status Check’ for verification, leading to the retrieval of your SRD status check results for R350, along with your Application ID.

Engaging with the SASSA WhatsApp service facilitates direct communication with administrative authorities, ensuring timely support for specific concerns, updates on application statuses, and other related assistance. In case you encounter any challenges with the WhatsApp method, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], the official email address.

  • Note

3. Check SASSA R350 Grant Status Through Call

To inquire about the status of your R350 Social Relief of Distress grant application, you can follow these steps on your SASSA-linked phone:

Check SASSA R350 Grant Status Through Call
  1. Dial 080 060 1011 from the phone number registered with SASSA.
  2. Provide your South African ID and your registered mobile number when prompted.
  3. Answer the automated prompts by providing the necessary information.
  4. Enter your ID and cellphone number to receive a One-Time Password (OTP).
  5. Receive your application status after completing the verification process.

You will also be sent an SMS containing details about your SASSA application status. This information will help you determine the approval status of your grant and guide you on how to collect the grant from your chosen withdrawal option.

4. How to Check SASSA Status on the Moya App?

To check your SASSA status on the Moya app, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Moya app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Navigate to the Discovery section of the app and select “SASSA Grant.”
  3. Access the drop-down menu and choose “Application Status.”
  4. Enter your ID number and any other necessary information as prompted.
  5. Click the Submit button to submit your details.
  6. On the screen, you will see the status of your SASSA application, indicating whether it is approved, pending, or rejected.
How to Check SASSA Status on the Moya App

How Often Does the SASSA Status Update?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) routinely provides monthly updates on the payment status of grants and the progress of recipient applications. These updates are typically issued in advance of the scheduled payday, ensuring beneficiaries are informed about the deposit of funds into their designated bank accounts or SASSA cards, allowing for timely collection.

R350 Grant Status Pending

If your R350 grant status is indicated as pending, it implies that there may be missing banking information necessary to facilitate the disbursement of your grant. This situation often arises when your payment method has not been selected or when inaccurate information is provided during the application or reapplication process.

The pending status is typically observed during the SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) review process, which spans approximately three months from the date of submission. To preempt any inconvenience, it is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the bank details you furnish, as this information is vital for the successful receipt of your grant. Taking proactive measures to provide precise and complete banking details will contribute to a smoother processing of your application.

SASSA Change Bank Details for SRD 350

If you are an existing SASSA beneficiary, you have the option to modify your bank details to facilitate the seamless collection of the SRD R350 grant. This step-by-step guide outlines the process for updating your bank information, ensuring that you have accurately chosen the preferred payment method for timely grant disbursements. By updating your details, you can also opt for cardless payments, offering convenient alternatives for effective fund management.

Check SASSA Reconsideration Status

If your SASSA grant application has been declined and you’ve initiated a reconsideration through the SASSA Reapplication portal, you can conveniently monitor the status of your reconsideration. Simply input the required details and request a One-Time Password (OTP) by clicking the Send Pin button to verify your identity as the initial applicant. Following this verification, your reconsideration status will be promptly presented within the corresponding section for your ease of reference.

SASSA Payment Not Received

If you have not yet received your SASSA R350 grant payment, there could be various reasons for the delay. If you are an existing recipient, the delay may be attributed to processing time, ongoing verification checks, or factors such as weekends and public holidays.

To address this issue, it is essential to ensure that your payment method is selected and your contact information is accurate. If any errors are identified, proceed to update your SASSA phone number and banking details to ensure that your application remains current. Additionally, if you encounter technical issues preventing you from collecting your grant money, consider reaching out to PostBank for assistance.

For existing SASSA beneficiaries who have not received their payment, it is advisable to contact SASSA directly. Verify your SASSA status to determine whether your grant is still active or if there have been any cancellations. Immediate assistance regarding the issue can be obtained by dialing the national authorities’ toll-free cell call center number at 0800 60 10 11.

R350 Application Appeal Status

If your application for the SRD grant has been declined, and you’ve taken the necessary steps by successfully submitting your SASSA Appeal application through the DSD on the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) website. If you now wish to verify the status of your R350 appeal for approval, please follow the steps below.

  • To check your SRD R350 appeal status, visit
  • Log in to the account used to apply for the SASSA R350 application.
  • Select “R350 Appeal Status” from the ‘Application Status‘ section.
  • Enter your ID number and Application Reference Number.
  • Click “submit” to view the current status of your R350 appeal.

Following these steps, your status will be displayed, and you will receive a notification with details. If any changes are needed in your contact information, you can click on the provided link to update your SASSA grant application. This step helps your appeal to be successful, and you will receive an SMS to collect your money.

Please note that if you disagree with SASSA’s decision for multiple months, you’ll need to lodge a separate appeal application for each month. Remember that you have a window of 30 to 90 days to appeal, so it’s essential to act promptly.

SASSA Status Approved, But No SMS Received

The issue of not receiving an SMS despite the SASSA status being approved may arise due to various reasons, such as incorrect contact details, typographical errors in the application information, limited funds, phone network signal problems, or system failures. This situation can be problematic as it may hinder the receipt of payments from entities like the Post Office, Pick n Pay, and retail stores. To address this concern, consider the following steps:

  1. Allow a few days for potential SMS delays.
  2. Reach out to your bank to inquire about any system or account issues that may be causing the delay.
  3. Verify and update your phone details in the SASSA records to ensure accuracy.
  4. If several days pass without receiving an SMS, contact the SASSA helpline at 0800 601 011.
  5. If the issue persists and your bank confirms no payment has been received, visit the nearest SASSA office for direct support.

Taking these steps can help troubleshoot the problem and ensure that you receive the necessary information and payments in a timely manner.

SRD Grant is Active Now Signify Approved

The confirmation of your SRD Grant activation indicates the approval of your application for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, specifically the R350 variant. It means that you are now eligible to receive SASSA funds on a monthly basis, with scheduled payments commencing from the upcoming month.

How to Collect SASSA SRD Payments?

To obtain SASSA SRD payments, utilize the SASSA Status Check online service to receive an SMS notification confirming the approval of your relief funds for a specific month. This notification is crucial for verifying eligibility and allows you to access your grant through the chosen payment method.

For individuals opting to receive the SASSA grant in their bank accounts, it is advisable to update their bank details. It ensures a seamless monthly transfer of the grant funds, eliminating the need to visit SAPO post offices or retail outlets physically.

Alternatively, for those without a bank account, various options are available for collecting SASSA grants. These include utilizing services provided by Pick n Pay, Boxer store, Cash Send, or the Post Office. This diverse range of options caters to individuals with varying preferences and circumstances, offering convenient avenues for accessing the SASSA SRD payments.

Why SASSA Status Failed?

If your SASSA status check is unsuccessful, it may be due to identity verification failure, indicating discrepancies in your personal information compared to the records held by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). To address this issue, it is essential to rectify any inaccuracies in your application by updating your details through the SASSA online application platform.

Why SASSA Status Declined?

Reasons for a declined SASSA status can be attributed to the SASSA review process and the Means Test, impacting both existing beneficiaries and new applicants. The Means Test assesses income thresholds and evaluates changes in circumstances, such as a bank balance exceeding R624. If your application is declined, it may be due to the following:

  1. Your income and assets surpass the minimum threshold of R624.
  2. Your ID is registered for UIF, NSFAS, or SARS benefits.
  3. Changes in your unemployment status.
  4. Identification of an alternative income source during the SASSA Means Test.
  5. Your age does not meet the criteria specified for the applied grant.

To understand the reasons for the decline, it is advisable to review the notification and take the necessary steps to address any discrepancies in your SASSA Declined Grant application.

When SASSA R350 Grant End or Expire?

In a press conference held in late 2022, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a crucial update regarding the SASSA R350 grant. Acknowledging its vital role in supporting the basic needs of approximately 7 million citizens, he confirmed the extension of this essential assistance.

This development comes as a relief for those reliant on the R350 grant to meet their fundamental living expenses. The extension guarantees the continuation of the SASSA R350 grant until March 2024, and the government remains committed to exploring further extensions, contingent on securing additional funding in the future.

How to Check SASSA Balance?

To inquire about your SASSA balance, individuals with updated bank details for the SASSA grant can conveniently check their status through their bank’s mobile app for online balance inquiries. Alternatively, for those using other payment options, a balance inquiry can be made by dialing the code *120*3210# on their mobile phones.

SASSA Payment Status Check on Govchat

You can verify your SASSA payment status conveniently through the Govchat app, the official South African Government platform. To initiate the process, register on the platform using your cellphone number at Subsequently, send a message containing “SASSA” to the official agent and follow up with “Status” to retrieve information on your current payment dates.

Contact SASSA for More Queries

If you’re still confused and have more queries related to your status, then do contact SASSA through verified channels:


The SASSA Status Check is a vital tool for individuals relying on social grants in South Africa. The government’s commitment to extending the R350 grant until March 2024 provides continued support to vulnerable citizens. Regular updates, accessible through various channels like WhatsApp and online platforms, ensure transparency and ease of information retrieval. 

However, applicants must stay vigilant to address issues promptly, such as declined statuses, pending applications, or missing payments. Overall, the SASSA system plays a crucial role in alleviating financial burdens and enhancing the livelihoods of those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

It indicates that your social relief grant is currently pending review by national authorities. It also suggests a need to update your SASSA payment method.

SASSA routinely provides monthly updates on the payment status of grants, usually in advance of the scheduled payday.

Send a message containing ‘SASSA’ to the official WhatsApp number 082 046 8553. Follow the prompts for status verification.

The SASSA R350 grant has been extended until March 2024, with the possibility of further extensions contingent on securing additional funding.

Identity verification failure, discrepancies in personal information, or errors in the application data.

The grant is paid monthly, starting from the date of application approval.

Report issues promptly by visiting the nearest SASSA office, calling the helpline, submitting a query or complaint online, or reporting suspected fraud.

Yes, you can apply for the Foster Child Grant even if you are receiving other social grants, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

For R350 grant-related inquiries, contact the Independent Appeals Tribunal at 012 312 7727 or [email protected].

SASSA has the authority to initiate a review based on income information provided during the application. Applicants will be notified three months in advance, and a life certificate must be submitted annually.

The grant lapses if the child passes away, is admitted to a state institution, or if the caregiver fails to claim it for three consecutive months. Additionally, it ends if the child is absent from the country or upon the child reaching 18 years of age.

Valid 13-digit, bar-coded ID, medical reports, proof of income and assets, proof of residence, and other relevant documents.

Balance inquiries can be made through USSD codes on your cellphone, at ATMs, via WhatsApp, the SASSA website, or by calling the toll-free number.