SASSA Status Pending – Reasons And Solutions

Are you wondering what it means when your SASSA status check shows “pending”? When you check your SASSA application and see it’s SASSA Status Pending, it means they’re still looking at it. But what does that really mean? And why might it be taking so long? Well, SASSA Status Pending just means they’re still reviewing your application.

SASSA Status Pending

Sometimes, it can take a while because they have a lot to go through. But don’t worry; there are things you can do to help speed up the process or check on your status. You can update your bank details using the “Change Banking Details” feature in your SASSA account. You can also contact the SASSA helpline for help with any other information you need to provide.

This guide will explain why your application might still be pending and give you more tips on what you can do while you wait. Understanding this can help you stay calm and patient as SASSA goes through all the applications.

What Does it Mean if Your SASSA Status is “Pending”?

When your SASSA status shows as “pending,” it means they’re checking your application details or might be missing some information. You should wait for about ninety days for updates on your grant application. Don’t worry if it’s pending; it doesn’t mean you won’t get the grant. You’ll keep getting the grant if you meet all the requirements.

Sometimes, applications get rejected because the applicants don’t meet the eligibility criteria. Or if they’re already getting another grant, they might not qualify. If you qualify later, you can apply again and give the needed documents to show you’re eligible. Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean they’ve said yes or no yet.

Why Might Your SASSA Status Still be Pending?

Checking Details

SASSA needs to make sure all the info you gave is correct. They check things like your ID, income, where you live, and if you qualify for the grant. If something’s missing or wrong, it slows things down.

Lots of Applications

SASSA got a ton of requests for the SRD grant. That’s making it hard for them to keep up with all the paperwork and update everyone’s status quickly.

Tech Problems

Sometimes, there are issues with the computer systems or internet connections that slow down the process.

What is the Duration for a SASSA Status Pending?

The time it takes for a SASSA pending status to be resolved can vary. There’s no fixed timeframe. It depends on things like how complicated your case is, if your application is complete, and how many applications they’re dealing with.

Usually, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for them to process your application and make a decision. If there’s a lack of funds, your application might also go into pending status. If that happens, all you can do is wait. Just keep checking your SASSA status to see if there are any updates.

What to Do if Your Application Remains Pending?

It’s not common for the grant status to show as pending. With so many applications, authorities need time to check each one. We’ll guide you on how to check your application status later on.

What to Do if Your Application Remains Pending

Sometimes, the department needs extra documents for the application. If you provide these, your status can change. For many South Africans, this grant is their main source of income, so it’s really important. If your application is still pending, here’s what you can do to check on it and help it move along:

  • Check your details: Make sure all the info you provide is correct. If there are mistakes, it could be why it’s taking longer.
  • Check your application status: Go to the SASSA website and enter your ID number and phone number to see where your application is.
  • Contact SASSA: If it’s been a while and you haven’t heard anything, you can call them on 0800 60 10 11 or email [email protected] to ask for an update.
  • Be patient: It takes time to go through all the applications, so try to be patient while SASSA works on yours.


To sum up, if your SRD grant application is still pending, it means SASSA is still looking at it. There might be delays because of too many applications or checking all the details.

If you want to know what’s happening with your application, you can check the or call them. But remember, SASSA Status Pending might take a while because they’re busy going through lots of applications. Just be patient; they’re doing their best to review them all as quickly as they can.

Contact SASSA for More Queries

If you’re still confused and have more queries related to your status, then do contact SASSA through verified channels:

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration can vary, but it typically ranges from a few weeks to several months, depending on factors like the complexity of your case and the volume of applications being processed.

You can check your application details for accuracy, monitor your application status on the SASSA website, and contact SASSA for updates if needed. Additionally, ensure you’ve submitted all required documents.

Common reasons include verification processes, a high volume of applications, and technical issues. SASSA needs to verify details like your identity and eligibility for the grant, which can take time.

No, a pending status doesn’t mean your application is rejected. It simply means SASSA is still reviewing your application. Rejections can occur if you don’t meet eligibility criteria or if there are discrepancies in your application.

Ensure all information provided is accurate and complete, and promptly respond to any requests for additional documentation. You can also contact SASSA for assistance or updates on your application status.

Yes, if your application is rejected, you can reapply if you believe you meet the eligibility criteria. Make sure to provide any necessary documents to support your eligibility when reapplying.

You can contact the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 or email [email protected] for assistance with any questions or concerns regarding your application.

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